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Top 5 most trusted ways to make money online

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Money isn’t everything, but everything needs money.” Money is the most vital thing to survive in the present world. Different people have different reasons to earn money. Whether you are a student in need of some pocket money or a professional aspiring to increase your income by investing a few hours, online platforms are the most suitable option for the same. Here, Business Connect magazine has done detailed research and has brought a collection of ideas following which, one can easily earn a good amount of money by utilizing skill and talent.
Top 5 most trusted ways to make money online.

best 5 most trusted ways to make money online

1. Content Writing

If writing is one of your superpowers and you love expressing your thoughts by writing, then content writing can be the perfect option for you to make online money. Content writing is one of the most trending topics in the past 2-3 years, primarily during the era of COVID-19. At present, there are numerous companies engaged in the content writing business and prefer to outsource the same to people having related skills and knowledge. Also, some platforms make the online search for writing jobs easy and smooth such as Internshala, Freelancer, Upwork, and Guru. Using these platforms, one can set their preference of the work and gain numerous projects according to their skillset and gain a handsome amount from the same.

2. Blogging

If you enjoy writing, but you don’t want to work as a content writer for others then you can head forward to start your blog. Blogging sites, including WordPress, Medium, Weebly, and Blogger, offer both free and paid services. Just dive into the market and once you know your areas of interest, (Eg.; book reviews, food recipes, travel, arts and crafts) you can start writing about them. Gradually, when your site begins to get some visitors, you can earn money through ads. Although, your income completely depends on the amount of traffic you get on your site and your readership. Still, you can earn up to ₹ 15k a month for your ad space.

3. Digital Products

To gain insane benefits from your running blog or website, you can sell digital products of things you have covered, like recipes, or instructions for crafts. This includes audio or video courses, e-books, design templates, plug-ins, PDFs, printables, UX kits, and other things. In addition, a person can easily distribute and sell these kinds of downloadable or streamable media through sites, including Amazon, Udemy, SkillShare, or Coursera. Since you only need to make your product one time, and you can sell it as many times as you want, you can have high-profit margins for a well-made and unique product.

4. Translation

If you are someone who has a good knowledge of multiple languages and are aspiring to create an earning from the same then you can become an online translator. In the era of globalization, there is a tremendous demand for people who are qualified enough to translate everything, be it documents, voice mails, papers, subtitles, or anything like that. You can find such work with specialized translation agencies or through freelancing portals such as Freelance India, Upwork, or Truelancer.
When you work online as a translator, your earning based on the number of languages you know. The best thing about this job is you cannot only earn a handsome amount by translating Indian languages alone, but you can add a booster in your regular income by trying your hands on foreign languages such as French, Russian, Spanish, or Japanese and have a certificate for the same. Generally, you will be paid per word, and you can make from ₹4 per word based on the language.

5. Proofreader

Proofreading is again a very lucrative online career. International Living confirms that most agencies will pay around 25% of the price of a translated document to a proofreader. Agencies charge about $75 for the translation of a five-page standard business document. Hence, proofing the same document that takes about an hour pays out about $18 to $20. You can work full time, part-time, or around the clock, it’s totally up to you.